Square Glass and Brass Terrarium

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Product Description

When outside space is at a premium this fairtrade terrarium is the perfect solution. Not everyone has access to a garden and window boxes aside, the choices regarding floral arrangements is quite limited. With its thin brass frame and shining glass panes, this square glass and brass item is a garden room on a miniature scale and is ready for you to create a botanical world inside. The factory that hand-makes this product is based in New Dehli and employs eighteen craftsmen full time and over fifty out-workers who work from home. The company specialises in creating products with natural and recycled materials and are constantly working on new, exciting designs. Men total 90% of the workforce, but all employees are provided with a medical assistance fund and financial support  towards their children's education.  This lovely product provides the freedom to display anything from a simple candle, a vibrant tropical flower or add Mexican spice with an array of spiky cacti and sand.

Why we love this product!

  • Ethically sourced 
  • Handmade 
  • A garden room in miniature
  • Square design
  • Bring the outside in

    Dimensions: W:17cm D:17cm H:30.5cm

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