Sequin Star Dish

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How do you tell someone that they are a star? This is the perfect thank you gift for that someone special. Sparkling, eye-catching as well as useful. Fill it with brightly wrapped sweets or chocolates and present wrapped up with a bow to make someone smile. Made from smooth metal and painted white, it resembles a a cracked eggshell with the unusual irregular, softly jagged pattern around the rim. Hundreds of stars are stuck fast amongst glitter and tiny beads to the inside of the dish, creating a surface that is as rough as the exterior is smooth. Diametric opposites; colour versus white, rough versus smooth, tough versus delicate, simplicity versus glittery chaos. This supplier has up to four hundred skilled craftsmen in India, some work from home and some in the factory. Every item is hand-crafted. Materials used include brass, iron, wood, glass, mosaic tesserae, cloth and glass beads. In addition to statutory wages, employees receive Provident Funding, bonuses and holidays and the company is the trustee of Ahsan Hospital that specialises in eye treatment. Delight adults and children alike and let this bowl shimmer at Christmas filled with traditional nuts or wrapped candy.

Why we love this product!

  • Hand-thrown
  • Handmade
  • Faitrade
  • Sparkly
  • A bowl of opposites

Diameter:16cm H:8cm

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