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Seamed Vase in Blonde Bisque Finish

Ian Snow Ltd

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SKU: CM103

Seamed Vase in Old Bisque Finish

Measurements: Dia:15cm H:23cm


Supplier Info:

This supplier employs 163 people both men and women, they all work at the factory in the Philippines. The management and supervisory staff are given vehicles and housing facilities, in addition the employees are given incentives for improvements in productivity. The employees are encouraged to take full advantage of being in the workplace to develop themselves, to be proud and conscientious in their approach and create new possibilities for themselves. The beautiful ceramic items this company produces are hand thrown on a potters wheel, experimental glazes are used and patterns hand applied and textures such as sgraffito are used. Through organisations they are affiliated with, they sponsor scholarships, medical missions, employment and skills training, and feeding programmes for school children. Environmentally they recycle water, handle hazardous waste responsibly, recycle waste and plant trees.