Scented Candle in a Jar

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There isn’t much that can beat fresh air, but air mingled with a subtle, natural and beautiful scent comes in a close second. This candle in a jar is infused with a soft fragrance that filters into the air without using overpowering chemicals, toxins or sprays. The screw-on lid to help maintain the fragrance within. 

Supplier Info: The small manufacturer is a multi-award winning company who craft candles and incense by hand. They specialise in capturing natural aromas and every candle they make follows hours of research to ensure a perfect ambience of calmness, purity and relaxation. They employ up to sixty people who do this and in addition to a statutory wage workers receive a bonus at festival time and occasionally are treated to free food at the factory. The employer also assists workers financially in special circumstances. Their factory is in the heart of the industrial belt of the city and is regularly inspected by the authorities as part of their licence conditions. They do not employ any child labour and conditions in the factory are very hygienic. The implement environment measures including the harvesting of rain water, recycling incense and cardboard waste, plus any metal remnants.


Why we love this product!

  • Handmade and 100% natural and non-polluting 
  • Fair Trade
  • Attractive and recyclable glass jar
  • A lovely gift
  • Six fragrances and colours

Diameter: 8.5cm H: 8cm

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