Satya Patchouli

Product Description
Patchouli is a member of the mint family and is a popular fragrance that is hugely versatile. Its uses vary from an antidepressant to an aphrodisiac and it has many healing properties including anti-ageing ones. (Quick - light it!). It is also a sedative and this can help with allergies as the scent sedates the hypersensitivity within you, calming allergic reactions. This Bangalore based company employs over six hundred men and women. Some families have chosen to work for this supplier for three generations, so the knowledge, the closely guarded secrets and the skill that goes into making this artisan incense is unsurpassed. They describe their workforce as efficient, punctual, eager to learn and supportive of the organisation. The employees are provided with free meals among other benefits and the company likes to support charities and celebrate festivals every year with their employees. The factory already has a rainwater harvesting system, but plans are afoot to improve facilities, and to expand the manufacturing unit further. They make and print the embossed boxes and eco-friendly packaging that lovingly wrap around this luxury hand-crafted product. They consider their products to be a special gift from Mother Earth who provides the most stunning and naturally sourced fragrances. They modestly say that they simply repackage it. This is one of the most precious with an evocative character and multiple benefits to the mind, body and soul.

Why we love this product!

Not tested on animals
No child labour
Eco-and human friendly


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