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This lovely elasticated bracelet is made from Sandalwood which is a staple, reassuring and masculine wood, and believed to have many life-enhancing properties. For example, improving memory, intensifying mental clarity and focus, but paradoxically is also a relaxant. Great for stressful situations, such as exams, driving tests or interviews. The Medicine Buddha holds a jar of medicine that is said to cure the most fundamental of all ills. That of ignorance. The Healing Buddha or the Doctor of Body and Soul, watches over the living and is the consoler also watching over those long gone.

The company who makes this lovely item is based in Delhi and sources its products from local artisans. There are eight people who work in the office who receive statutory wages and a wage rise twice a year, plus a health insurance card. In their community they support local school children with free exercise books and school equipment and on the 15th of August (India Day) they provide ten cash prizes for Best Student in various subjects. This benevolent and caring company, were the first in line to provide help to Nepal when a major earthquake occurred, and sent food and solar cookers, so people could cook food and sterilise water. The supplier says "We are blessed to have such a team that runs the company in a professional way, we hope and dream we can continue with honesty and integrity. A lovely gift and accessory for anyone, especially someone about to take a test or experiencing illness, recovery or loss.

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