Samia Two-tone Earthenware Pitcher

SKU: CM084
Product Description

This Samia two-tone pitcher in turquoise is quite rustic, but has a subtle modern twist. It is a slip-cast farmhouse-style pitcher and looks every bit the traditional earthenware jug, but the hand-painted orange slither around the base instantly modernises and transforms it. This pitcher is cast, hand-painted with a natural matt paint and glazed with a beautiful two-tone effect, almost like muted verdigris. For a touch of contemporary farmhouse rustic chic, simply add this vase.

Supplier Info: The manufacturer who makes this product employs over four hundred people in Vietnam, and uses recycled earthenware materials to hand-make such items as this quirky piece. In addition to statutory wages employees receive bonuses as well as social and health insurance. An annual medical check up is available, lunch is supplied every day and workers can enjoy team outings as well as compete for sports awards in football and volley ball. Caring for the environment and their employees are main concerns, and the company has a third party audit at the factory each year to help them with ideas on how to improve the working environment. 


Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • Hand-painted
  • Traditional, yet contemporary
  • Rustic farmhouse chic

Dimensions: W: 23cm D: 15cm H: 30cm

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