Ribbed Aluminium Vase in Silver Finish

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Product Description

Hand-forged, hammered and embossed, this lightweight oversized aluminium vase is a real eye-catcher. On its own it looks stunning placed in a hallway, on a table or by the side of a fireplace, but mixed with others from within this range, the result is a contemporary, classy and chic display. Just thirty-four men work for the company that supplies this lovely vessel. Eighteen of whom work in the factory and the remainder work from home. The team are dedicated and efficient and are provided with tea twice a day and snacks once a day. Access to an interest free loan is available, should they need it. All of the items are handmade, using techniques such as hammering and carving. A proportion of the company’s yearly earnings support a local charity and they provide gifts and sweets to their employees during festival times. Plans are afoot to introduce some greenery at their factory to enhance the working environment, both visually and for health reasons. They wish to be known for great designs, good quality and punctuality, and are proud of their innovative designs that juxtapose traditional and modern themes. The artisan quality of this tall, classic and beautifully embossed vase is highly evident. It is indeed, a work of art.

Why we like this product!

  • Fairtrade
  • Hand-forged, hammered and embossed
  • Lightweight
  • Contemporary twist on a traditional design
  • A beautiful and varied range available

Dimensions: Dia:19cm H:52cm

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