Recycled Wood Photo Frame

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Product Description

It is what’s inside that counts, but when a frame looks this good it’s a tough contest! Handmade from recycled wood, this free-standing and neatly distressed frame follows a standard size and design, but each one is different. The size is perfect for a wedding snap, especially for one along a vintage or beach theme. 

Supplier Info: The company who makes this product is based in India and employs seventy people. Employees are provided with provident pension funds, medical allowance and an education allowance for their children, on top of their statutory wage. The company encourages their workers to be aware of health and safety issues and hygiene at both the work place and in their homes. They also donate to several local organisations who help people to help themselves out of poverty. The business uses recycled wood for nearly 60% of their production with materials from old buildings, trucks and railway tracks. Any left over material is sent to factories to make MDF. They consistently strive for both the betterment of their staff and towards society as a whole.




Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • Recycled
  • A lovely gift
  • Unique

Dimensions: 14 x 19cm

Frame W: 24cm D: 2cm H: 29cm

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