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Upcycled Silk Pouch Medium



Upcycled Silk Pouch Medium

Measurements: 15cm x 12.5cm

Upcycled silk pouch with drawstring, all are unique, can be used as a gift bag, perhaps for a lovely piece of jewellery. Please note due to the nature of this product it comes in assorted designs and various colours, so we cannot specify which colour/design you will receive.


Maker Profile:

Employs: 52 people

Percentage paid statutory wage: 100%

Ratio working in factory/home: 80/20

✓ Paid Holiday and in case of emergencies in family or long-term illness their holiday is also completely paid for.

✓ Health Insurance

✓ Workers receive other benefits

✓ Right to join trade unions and bargain collectively

✓ Freedom to raise concerns

✓ Health and Safety Compliant

✓ No Child or forced labour

✓ No discrimination in the workplace

✓ Women receive equal pay for equal work

Proud to be members of: Fair trade Group Nepal

Supports: We support several communities through a joint effort from an independent NGO called JOY Foundation. Additionally, we also support a school partially

The use of harmful chemical: We do not have a dyeing facility but our dyer uses azo free dyes. Additionally we have inspected most of our suppliers production facility apart from those individual ones who work independently in their homes.

Being fair is of paramount importance and we seek to grow in that domain continuously. However, we cannot negate the importance of competitiveness and its implications on sustainability. With the changing times are not only production but also innovation partners for our clients.