Rasai Gold Bell With Ribbon

SKU: TB137
Product Description

This amazing cowbell is hammered into shape from pressed metal and then welded together by hand. The gorgeously deep purple ribbon is embroidered and embellished, also by hand. Hang on an old wooden door for a beautiful contrast or in a sunny porch for a fun way for your guests to announce their arrival.

Supplier Info: This supplier from Saharanpur in India is a steadily growing business with almost sixty employees. The company celebrates Diwali and Eid with holidays and all staff are entitled to interest-free loans in addition to their statutory wages. An area of land at the factory has deliberately been reserved and is protected green belt to help control and reduce pollution. 



Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Hammered and forged by hand
  • Embroidered and sewn by hand
  • Charming

Dimensions: W: 14cm D: 8cm H: 37cm

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