Portrait Brass Photo Frame with Hinged Stand

Product Description

For displaying keepsakes and photos this brass frame on a fold-out metal stand is a quirky option. It is beautifully handmade, small enough to post and looks something else on a shelf, table or mantelpiece; wherever you may choose to display cherished memories and mementos. This item is handmade by a medium-sized business based in Moradabad, Northern India, where more than two hundred people are involved. The majority work in the factory, eighty work from home and a further thirty are sub-contractors. The business has many benevolent schemes in place and the owners feel that the most important thing they can do is to support their staff by treating them with kindness and respect. They encourage inclusion in every day matters and decisions and look upon workers as extended family. Employees and owners share happiness and sorrow alike and workers are also supported financially through personal problems with health or accidents, plus the education and marriages of their children. Not only that, loans are not required to be fully repaid as 30% of any loan is written-off. Traditional skills are kept alive and passed down through the generations. Families are totally dependant on these skills and their art to earn a living and the company embraces this by ensuring their products have a relevance to contemporary design and modern society. They have close connections with their local community and celebrate all of the festivals together. They harvest the rain and the sun by installing a solar system for energy and constantly strive to improve the working environment for their staff. This frame stands in a portrait orientation, but a matching landscape version is also available. They complement each other beautifully as a pair. The glass and brass mix is reminiscent of a garden terrarium, so is perfect for pressed flowers or interesting leaves, as well as photographs.


Why we love this product!


  • Handmade
  • Fairtrade
  • Hinged with a sliding lock
  • A great gift for a small office space
  • Landscape version available


Dimensions: W: 15 x D: 1 x H: 10.5cm

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