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Pink Hand Painted Kashmiri Papier-Mache Glittery Bauble

Ian Snow Ltd


Pink Hand Painted Kashmiri Papier-Mache Glittery Bauble

Measurements: Dia:7cm H:7cm


Supplier Info: This company was established in 1951 & now employs 75 men - some work in the factory & some work from home. Traditional techniques are employed to make their papier-mache products & most of their products are made from recycled materials & are 100% hand-crafted. They never use any plant or machinery that would cause pollution. The company provides medical & educational help to all staff & their families, they have built a 150 bed hospital called Florence Hospital in Srinagar, Kashmir (India) for the poor people. The company’s owner donates all his share of the company’s profit to this charitable hospital & his one business partner also donates a large portion of his share as well.