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Pink Furry Llama Hanging Decoration

Ian Snow Ltd


Pink Furry Llama Hanging Decoration

Measurements: W:9cm D:7cm H:13cm


Supplier Info:

This company was founded in 1988 and their main product lines include beaded and embroidered items such as evening bags, photo albums, jewellery boxes and mirror pouches. They have a factory area of 25,000 sq. ft. and employ more than 150 people directly, and give employment opportunities to more than 1000 families in the process. Their employees receive Provident Fund, ESI, paid maternity leave and insurance. They have adopted 4 children and provide for their education, up-bringing and hobbies.
This company aims to preserve the centuries old tradition of various hand embroidery techniques like Zardozi work, Aari work, Kutch embroidery, Lucknowi embroidery, and Kantha embroidery etc. There are stories behind each one, let us take for example, KANTHA:
KANTHA in Sanskrit means rags, it evolved out of a necessity to drape or protect against the cold. When the precious silks and muslins were worn out, instead of throwing them away, the women piled them in layers and stitched. Another legend relates KANTHA origin to Lord Buddha and his disciples. It is said that they used to cover themselves with the thrown away rags patched and stitched together. It can rightly be called the recycling art.