Parimal - Oma 3 pack and Free Dhoop

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The aromas that this set of three high quality, hand-rolled incense sticks emanate are virtually other worldly they smell so divine. Oma contains three fragrances; Osna meaning warmth, Mynah meaning love and Agama meaning trust. This family managed business is based in Bangalore and employs two hundred and fifty people. The company describes their team of employees as sincere and hardworking. Employees receive many benefits including bonuses, medical insurance, maternity and paternity leave, free lunches, loans, housing/accommodation, educational support for children of employees and pensions. The manufacturing of agarbatti or incense sticks is a labour intensive process. Bamboo sticks are hand-slit by indigenous women (in nearby forest areas) and purchased by the company. A dough mix of resin and handpicked herbs and spices is then hand-rolled by workers at the factory onto the bamboo sticks and dipped into natural perfumes. The design, printing and packaging of the sticks is also done in house. The whole process retains tradition and authenticity as well as providing employment to large sections of the society. This supplier is involved in lots of charity and community work and they celebrate many Indian festivals. All factories are equipped with rain water harvesting measures, they use fully recyclable materials in all of their products and recycle any waste. They have continuously invested in better working conditions and factory improvements as the company believes their unity is their greatest strength and that together, they are stronger. Three different fragrances evoking beautiful emotions altogether in one pack with some free dhoop sticks (pure log-shaped incense with no inner bamboo). You can't go wrong.

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Not tested on animals
Three for the price of one and some free dhoop sticks!


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