Pale Tufted Rug

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Product Description

The innocuous title of this particular item far from describes the workmanship and quality of it. It is a hefty piece of technology in both weight and skill. The backing is an artwork alone made from tightly woven cotton string in a basket weave with a zig-zag trim and is much softer than hessian. The ‘tufts’ are made from polyester rags ingeniously folded and looped through the cotton weave. This is no random weave though, as the colours are carefully chosen to make each one unique with a diamond or chevron design. It also creates a thick, sumptuous and extremely tactile rug. This supplier employs sixty people in a small, modern and clean factory in Delhi, India. Staff receive maximum remuneration for good work and wages are above average for the area. There is no child labour, they have a waste recycling program and they support CRY - which is a charity for homeless children. They also provide loans and materials to people involved in their supply chain. So where to put such an artisan rug? It is more durable than your average rag rug being made of polyester, plus the cotton backing, which is soft, yet hardy. Hug a hearth? Adorn a bedroom to tickle you bare toes or maybe a in playroom for little bottoms to sit on and wonder at?

Why we love this product!

  • Fairtrade
  • Handmade and unique
  • Hefty and durable
  • Striking design
  • Not your average rag rug

Dimensions: 60 x 90cm

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