Pale Neon Cotton Printed Morisco Rug

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Product Description

You wouldn’t think it possible for something to be described as being ‘pale neon’, but in this case, it is and it is just perfect. Let us start with a brief summary of history. (Bear with!)

 Morisco was the name given to Muslims who were coerced into converting to Christianity after the practice of Islam was outlawed throughout Spain during the seventeenth century. (Are you still with us …?) Luckily though, (phew!) the human race has learnt from past mistakes and intolerances (ahem?!) and this beautiful screen-printed cotton rug has inherited a name purely because it is a captivating word. However, when it comes to the oxymoronic ‘pale’ and ‘neon’, whether deliberate or not, this lovely rug does actually illustrate the analogy (love it when a plan comes together!). The pretty and purposeful vintage-style is achieved by a cleverly muted print finish and the effect appears to tell a tale of a once bright neon star who’s light still shines, only on the quiet! 

Supplier Info: This textile manufacturer employs four hundred people, of whom over half are cottage workers. All workers receive employee insurance and get free medical treatment for all the family, provident fund pensions and interest free loans.  They support various charities including SOS Children Village India, Save the Children and Oxfam. They use traditional techniques such as hand-weaving, embroidery, kantha work, tie-dye, block and screen printing using materials such as wool, cotton, seagrass, plus recycled materials like cotton, denim, saris and even sweet wrappers. They have an excellent team of young people who are energetic and committed to the company’s long-term vision.


Why we love this product!

  • Hand-woven
  • Fair Trade
  • Screen-printed
  • Pale neon beautiful star-like pattern
  • A rug with a tale

Dimensions: 120 x 180cm

Flying carpets are fun in story books, but not at home so we recommend using an anti-slip underlay with this rug to keep it firmly on the ground.

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