Orange Hand-Embroidered Necklace

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At first glance, this necklace looks simple and unassuming. Peer closer however, and the intricate detail becomes immediately apparent. The square pendant is cut from a fine, black basketweave material and neatly sewn. The same texture, but this time lime green and orange coloured fabric is cut to shape and sewn on to make the basis of the pattern, and then finally the whole thing is embroidered with a delicate chain stitch. The textile is attached to a nickel-free silver plated backing and dainty hooks are bent over the edge to keep it in place. This is all done by hand. The ‘shoelace’ thong is fastened with a silver hook clasp. The makers’ story is also a labyrinth of hidden layers. There are thirty-three full time-staff at the factory, however the company supports over sixty artisan groups in Vietnam comprising of nearly six and a half thousand artisans. Their staff receive many benefits such as social, health and accident insurance, free retreats and free training on top of a statutory wage. Every year the company runs four projects that provide artisan training in a wide range of fields. Events are organised that raise awareness of the traditions of craft producers in Vietnam and to educate children about such production processes. Literacy classes are also organised to teach artisans to read and write. This necklace will look fabulous worn during the day or is beautiful enough for an evening out. Not only does it look amazing, but your mojo will be working on full-power from the feel good factor.

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fairtrade and social education
  • Hand-embroidered
  • Beautifully detailed
  • Day or night wear


27.5cm Drop

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