Old Kantha Butterfly Chair - 05

SKU: FT318-05
Product Description

This is a brilliant take on a design classic and a recycling phenomenon. The original version of this chair was outlined by the pioneers of the modern art and design movement. They rejected ornate flourishes and heavy detail in favour of clean practical lines and it was slung with a strong leather hide. This boho version has a soft textile kantha cover and is more in keeping with a hammock. Kantha is a traditional form of recycling where old and worn out saris were sandwiched together with a running stitch to create a new and usable fabric and historically was used in India for drapes and bedspreads. This beautiful art form is now very popular and diverse and here it is used to charming effect to fashion an unique, versatile and stunningly visual chair. 

Supplier Info: This supplier employs sixty people, half of whom are cottage workers twenty are employed at the factory and ten are sub-contractors. Employees receive benefits in addition to statutory wages and most are long-standing members of the company. This company supplies us with beautiful textile, cushions and scarves. They use cotton, polyester, jute fabric and even recycled plastic bags in their work. On the subject of recycling, they harvest rainwater and factory improvements are an ongoing process.


Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Recycled fabric
  • Unique
  • A softer take on a design classic

Dimensions: W: 75cm D: 60cm H: 89cm

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