Natural Bamboo Lantern

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Product Description

This large lantern is hand-woven from natural bamboo and is designed to look like a delicate birdcage, but instead of imprisoning a wild creature, it captures a dancing flame. There is a special circle at the bottom to place a tealight safely in a glass, so as dusk arrives, once lit, the lantern glows with a soft ambient light. Each lantern is handmade in a large and established factory in the Phu Nghia, Vietnam and intricately woven into shape using localised methods and natural materials. The designs are based on tradition. Here, strengthening uprights and horizontal shape-keepers are wrapped neatly with a bamboo twine, and there is keen attention to decorative detail as the twine twists one way on one horizontal, then the other and the middle circle is criss-crossed. It is a fine example of craftsmanship that is light in weight, but heavy on neatness, design and detail. Lanterns are powerfully symbolic, denoting light, warmth, peace and new beginnings, especially in eastern culture. Traditionally, lanterns similar to this would have been covered with silk. Here the lantern is brought back to its barest and simplest reincarnation in a beautiful and mesmerising form. They are available in three different sizes and designs and look lovely placed together or when hanging in unison.

Why we like this product!

  • Handwoven
  • A traditional craft in modernised form.
  • Neat and keen attention to detail
  • Hangs up or sits
  • Available in three sizes and designs

Dimensions: 30 x 45cm

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