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Mushroom Origami Paper Table Lamp

Ian Snow Ltd

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SKU: LP191

This lamp is handmade from paper and it is not only ingenious, but beautiful. It is created in such a way that any joins or overlaps are integrated into the design and are evenly spaced so as not to upset the effect when lit. It is self-standing and easily folds into a mushroom shape around the light-fitting and then held together with magnets for a virtually invisible join. The nature of the material, handmade paper from recycled rags, means the light that is effused is calming and ambient, making it almost sculpture-like. It is completely wood-free and 100% recycled. If you appreciate beauty, clever design and handicraft this lamp is not just right up your alley, but it is thoroughly entrenched.

Measurements - Dia:36cm H:37cm 

Includes with electric fittings


Maker Profile:

The company that supplies us with this lamp is a design-orientated business that specialises in unique artefacts and high-quality products. Sixty people are directly employed by the supplier and a further two hundred people are sub-contracted. Additional benefits are given to employees such as are a pension scheme, free medical treatment, paid leave, bonuses, free tea and coffee and free transport to and from the factory. If an employee needs help, they strive to assist in anyway they can. They also support the 'Arts and Living' foundation which provides vocational training for poor young women in textile design. In the manufacturing process they use both contemporary designers and traditional artisans, to combine an up-to-date style with proven experience. Their factory is light and airy using only natural light, they harvest rain water and dispose of any left over paper in a eco-friendly way.



Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • 100% recycled
  • Natural
  • Clever design