Mini Snowman Decoration With Scarf

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Product Description

If you are looking for yuletide cuteness, these teeny snowmen have it in spades. Standing at just 4cm high, each one has a different coloured scarf and due to the handmade quality, individual quirk and personality. The supplier who makes this product employs around four hundred men and women, who, in addition to statutory wages, receive bonuses, medical allowances, insurance, Provident Funding and maternity allowance. They also provide scholarships to see some children through school. In Nepal it’s very difficult to find work as an uneducated woman, but as the felt products are accessible, and a relatively simple process, many under-privileged women being given the chance to earn through this scheme, improving their living standards and empowering them to make changes. The felt is made entirely by hand by shaping the raw wool with soap, water and hand pressure. No chemicals are used during this process. They say “We are very proud that our business is helping to develop Nepal”. Hang on a Christmas tree amongst other decorations or make a table centre-piece feature of them on their own.

Why we love this product!

- Handmade

- Fairtrade

- Natural dyes

- Individual handmade quirk

Dimensions: Diameter: 1cm H: 4cm

Sold individually - Price is for one only.

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