Meditation Ring in Sterling silver

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Product Description

A simply stunning piece of jewellery on its own, but this is also a meditation ring where two superfine rings, one made of brass, rotate and jingle around the main curved sterling silver body during meditative practice. Die-cut from pressed silver and etched with a dainty floral design, it is irresistible. The supplier is a buying agent based in Delhi and the USA, and sources handmade products from local artisans in India. Eight people work in the office there and receive statutory wages, plus wage rises twice a year and a health insurance card. Within their local community the company fund school equipment for seven hundred children and provide ten cash prizes awarded for the ten best achieving students, once a year on India Day. Their generosity and philanthropy shone through recently when a terrible earthquake struck in Nepal. They were first in line providing much needed practical help by sending food and solar cookers, so that people could cook food and sterilise water. The supplier says "We are blessed to have such a team that runs the company in a 100% professional way, we hope and dream we can continue with honesty and integrity”. Even if meditation is not your thing, this beautiful and tactile piece of jewellery is just made to be worn and fiddled with. We guarantee that you won’t be able to stop yourself!


Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fairtrade 
  • A simple and gorgeous design
  • Irresistibly tactile
  • Available in size O 


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