Lilac Rose Vintage Tile

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Product Description

For a genuinely vintage item this tile is in superb condition. There may be odd bit of grout on the back, a little bit of scruff here or slight chip there, but on the whole, amazing,  and the anomalies only add their character. There are a few designs to choose from and this makes for a difficult choice if you are going for just the one! This one has a central delicate rose surrounded by a design that William Morris would be proud of. Perfect for a unique and eye-catching splash back behind a butler’s sink, it makes a fabulous coaster or simply hang it on the wall with a wire plate hanger as a piece of artwork, for that they is what they surely are.

Supplier Info: The supplier of these eclectic items is based in Jodhpur and has nine employees and eighteen sub contractors. They are a hard working team with a good knowledge of vintage items. The employees receive three free meals a day and loans are available to them should they be required. During festivals workers get gifts and sweets. As well as sourcing vintage-ware, this company restores old vintage furniture and also makes some smaller items from recycled wood. They hope to be able to expand the business abroad one day, but this is a longterm dream.




We why love this product!

  • Vintage
  • Fairly traded
  • Gorgeous designs
  • Great for splash backs
  • Instant boho flair

Dimensions: W: 15cm D: 15cm H: 1cm

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