Kissing Elephant Crewel Work Filled Cushion

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Product Description

Perfect for the nomadic bohemian in you or perhaps someone you know, this filled cushion offers charm and delight wherever it goes. The cover is a visual and textural thrill that is handmade from 100% cotton and is machine-embroidered in a traditional crewel-work stitching that creates a textile that is gorgeously tactile and sumptuously comfy. It is finished by hand and the subject matter and use of colour emits a warm and radiant sweetness that makes it a great and loving gift.

Supplier Info: The supplier of this cushion employs sixty people, half of whom are cottage workers, twenty are employed at the factory and ten are sub-contractors. Employees receive benefits in addition to statutory wages and are happy, long-standing members of the company. This company supplies us with beautiful textiles such as cushions and scarves and they use cotton, polyester, jute fabric and even recycled plastic bags and cotton fibre in their work. On the subject of recycling, they harvest water and making factory improvements is an ongoing process.


Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • Vibrant crewelwork embroidery
  • Plain cotton on reverse with zip
  • Synthetic inner cushion with 100% cotton fabric

Dimensions: W: 60cm D: 10cm H: 40cm


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