Kamadhenu (Divine Bovine Goddess) with Calf

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Holy cow! If you are really stuck for a gift for the bovine fanatic in your life, they would be over the moo-n with this huge deity! Perhaps more realistically, if you are searching for something completely different and exclusive, this would look absolutely fabulous in a city boutique, trendy hairdressers or an office reception for that extra cow factor! Hinduism considers the "Gomata" or the cow as an utmost sacred symbol. Hindus from all parts of the country, belonging to all cultures and languages, believe in the worship of the cow. Kamadhenu is believed to be the mother of all cows and the name came from the Sanskrit root, "Kamaduha", which literally means, "the cow of plenty" and "the one through whom all desires are fulfilled”. Standing at nearly one metre tall, this item is plentiful in size and decoration. She is accompanied by her suckling calf and working a brass cow bell. The pair are hand-decorated in other deities and handprints respectively. She is beautifully made from resin and the attention to detail is divine, (no pun intended). Decorated with gold paint, jewels, long fluttering eyelashes and elaborate jewellery, this is the ultimate in devotion. The supplier is based in Jodhpur, India and employs eighty-six people in their factory. The company supports some charities and the design of their factory makes maximum use of natural light.  The company always strives to deliver excellence and to build strong relationships with customers. They work as a team helping and supporting each other. According to mythology, this sacred, miraculous cow provides her owner anything at all that he or she ever desires. Don’t milk it though.

Why we love this product!

  • Fairtrade
  • Handmade
  • Hand-decorated
  • Has the wow-factor 
  • Mythical powers

Dimensions: W:110 D:60 H:98cm

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