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The gift for the woman who has everything. Each of these chests is totally unique due to the handmade and hand-embroidered character. This is a large and heavy two drawer jewellery box of palatial elegance; a jewel within jewels and a perfect exhibition of zari embroidery at its best. The wooden frame is completely covered with a soft white chenille velvet and inside is white satin. This also lines the two drawers inside and out that enables a silky smooth opening motion, whilst the drawer pull is an intricate golden cut-out bead attached to a waterfall of tassels threaded with hundreds of tiny golden beads. Every visible surface is covered with labyrinthine hand-embroidery including padded petals in reds, pinks, blues and browns. A dainty wire thread adds emphasis and a little chain-like thread wraps and loops around glass gems and beads to produce flowers and opulent foliage. It is an Aladdin?s cave of a jewellery box. Every little girl?s dream and any woman?s guilty pleasure.

The supplier of these amazing jewellery boxes, employs fifteen artisans. All of them are permanent employees, working on daily time-based wages. They are quality driven, co-operative and 100% dedicated. Some times if the employer has no work on some days, then they start working on new samples, so the artisans get their wages all year round, irrespective of the seasonality of the marketplace. Apart from statutory wages, employees get special free meals fortnightly, and have free tea and snacks during the day. Loans are also considered and if it is a deserving case, they are given. The employer also sponsors the education of her artisans children. A heartfelt gift, a treasured keepsake and an heirloom for generations to come.

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