Jabari Vase

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Imagine this quirky tilted handmade geometric vase amongst weathered ceramic plant pots spilling out with mature red geraniums and trailing white petunias on a hazy sun-drenched windowsill; a beautiful mix of old and new. Fill with interesting, twisted sticks or large feathers for an alternative look. This vase has a mixture of textures as it is partly clear glazed on the inside to waterproof and on the outside is nude terracotta with glossy white glaze and a crackle finish.  This supplier employs over a hundred and sixty people and they all work at the factory in the Philippines. The management are given vehicles and housing facilities and in addition the employees are given incentives for improvements in productivity. The employees are encouraged to take full advantage of being in the workplace to develop their potential. The beautiful ceramic items this company produces are hand thrown on a potters wheel, experimental glazes are used and patterns hand applied. They help to sponsor scholarships, medical missions, employment and skills training, and feeding programmes for school children. Environmentally they recycle water, handle hazardous waste responsibly, recycle waste and plant trees. A very modern outfit. Alternatively, pair both sizes (small and medium) with with one another to create a mix of scale and pattern; fill both with wild flowers for a simply lovely display.

Why we love this product!

  • Hand-thrown
  • Fairtrade
  • The mix of textures
  • The modern geometric design
  • Available in two sizes and patterns

Small Vase Dimensions:14 x 14 x 15cm

Medium Vase Dimensions:17 x 17 x 20cm

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