Iron Scissors

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Product Description

This is no ordinary implement. This is a pair of scissors with a capital ’S’. The rustic overtone of this substantial and hand-forged tool gives a simplistic edge, but the making is anything but. They are made up of two beautifully honed pieces that pivot on a single, small rivet. The handles show the hammer marks made during the traditional and age-old process and they curve round to fit a thumb on the one side and fingers on the other. Not only that, they cut well and they look fabulous bucolic in a utensils jar or hanging up for all to see.

Supplier Info: This Moradabad-based supplier employs just over twenty hard working men and women. Fifteen people are based in the factory, ten are sub-contractors. All are provided with regular medical check ups, bonuses and loans when necessary. The company  supports charities and celebrate festivals at work where they distribute sweets to employees and take part in celebratory flag-hoisting. Their current factory has a rain water harvesting facility, but they are moving to a new and bigger factory soon which will provide even better working conditions for their employees. They hope to continue to expand the business in the future which they are proud to say is family-run.


Why we love this product!

  • Hand-forged
  • Fair Trade
  • Rustically bucolic
  • Substantial
  • Scissors with a capital ’S’!

Dimensions: W: 11cm D: 26cm H: 1cm

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