Hand-Painted Wooden Doorknob

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Product Description

Sometimes changing the smallest details can make the biggest difference and as decorative doorknobs go, this one ranks pretty highly. It is carved and painted by hand using skills that have been passed on through the generations in an area renowned for wood work and painting expertise. The manufacturer employs almost forty people, some of whom work from home so that they can continue their family duties. All staff receive benefits in addition to statutory wages and the company runs social programmes that benefit the local community. This intricately painted doorknob, with added sparkles, owns an unique quality that is down to the artisan’s relationship with the material, their skill set and even down to how they were feeling that day. It’s a gorgeous piece of mini-art that instantaneously adds grandeur and super bohemian chic to a dowdy piece of furniture. Achieve an immediate face-lift without opening a tin of paint.

Why we love this product!

- Hand-carved

- Fairtrade

- Artisan

- Unique qualities and quirks

- Instant face-lift

Dimensions: W: 5cm D: 6cm H: 5cm

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