Hand-Painted Green & Orange Wooden Pot with Round Lid

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Product Description

This eye-catching lidded pot is a work of art. It is handmade and hand-painted with three gorgeous floral designs that capture the romance of gypsy style. Painted using a traditional mehendi, method (raised paintwork inspired by henna body art) it so tactile, that you just can’t help, but want to stroke it. The area of India where this stunning box is hand-painted, is renowned for woodwork and painting prowess. They use traditional skills that have been passed down through the generations and this particular manufacturer employs nearly forty people. Some work from home so that they can continue their family duties and earn a wage. All staff receive benefits in addition to their statutory wages and the company runs social programmes that benefit the local community. The lid of the pot lifts up with a coordinating tall and pot-bellied wooden knob to reveal a contrasting plain black inside. A great place for keeping keys safe in a hallway or a beautiful bits and bobs hideaway for a bedroom or bathroom.

Why we love this product!

- Handmade

- Hand-Painted

- Gorgeous

- The gypsy-inspired floral designs and colours

- The attention to detail.

Diameter: 24cm H:8/12cm

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