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Hand-painted Clay Flower Hand Incense Holder

Ian Snow Ltd


Hand-painted Clay Flower Hand Incense Holder is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Redolent of henna hand painting, this incense holder cast in the shape of a hand is veritable eye candy as it is quite beautiful, as well as useful. After the incense holder is cast, the artwork begins. The cast is hand-painted and so exudes that unmistakable handmade and individualistic quality. Twenty-one men and women are employed in this New Delhi based business and while some work in the factory, others work from home. All employees are provided with medical aid in addition to statutory wages, and twice a year they have a works get-together celebratory lunch. The incense holder can stand upright for an objet d'art as a comical "balloon face" design is intricately painted onto each finger tip, and a pretty flower pattern on the palm. It is plain on the back. Lay down flat when in use and there is a hole in the middle of the palm in which to insert the stick.

Why we love this product!




Designed for incense sticks

Four gorgeous eye candy designs

Dimensions: W:7.5cm D:4cm H:13cm