Hand-Forged Iron Double Hook in a Matchbox

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In everybody’s life there is at least one person who is really difficult to buy for. They are either really fussy or already have everything. The problem is that they don’t really mean it when they say, “don’t bother about me, I don’t need anything, save your money”… and 9 times out of ten it is your Dad. Well, for this year at least, we have it covered. This magnificent handmade and simply perfect hook comes in a gorgeous buff coloured gift box, about the size of a match box. This item is manufactured by a company in Moradabad, India that employs sixty men and women. Just over half work in the factory and the remainder work from home. All employees are provided with loans should they require them. They celebrate Indian Independence Day and Indian Republic Day at work. They hope to grow their business in the future with an environmentally friendly infrastructure. Each item this supplier makes is individually handcrafted by master blacksmiths using the same traditional techniques used in ancient times. They are proud to be reviving the art of blacksmithing which was thought to have become a lost art. It’s beautifully made, wholesome, useful, thoughtful, well-presented, versatile …. we could go on. Although we could go on, we guarantee that the recipient will be amazed, pleased and lost for words, in that order, but we bet they smile and really mean it when they say thank you.

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fairtrade
  • Beautifully made
  • For the person who has everything
  • Who wouldn’t?

Dimensions: Matchbox: W:5.5cm D:2.5cm H:6cm

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