Hand-Forged Iron Candlestick

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Product Description

All the great things in life are simple and can often be expressed by a single word or act. A smile, a hug, a please or a thank you can make such a difference to someone else’s day. This candlestick exemplifies this ideology. It is hand-forged with no decoration bar the marks used to make it. It’s beautifully simple, it pleases the eye and does what it is supposed to do with absolutely no fuss. Someone once said that only great minds can afford a simple style. We’re not claiming to be Einstein, but this one is definitely a no-brainer.

Supplier Info: This item is manufactured by a company in Moradabad, India that employs sixty men people. Just over half of these work in the factory and the rest work from home. Employees are provided with loans should they require them and each item the workers make is individually handcrafted by master blacksmiths using the same traditional techniques used in ancient times. They celebrate Indian Independence Day and Indian Republic Day at work and hope to grow their business in the future with an environmentally friendly infrastructure. They are proud to be reviving the art of blacksmithing which was in danger of becoming a lost art.




Why we love this product!

  • Hand-forged iron
  • Fair Trade
  • Beautifully simple
  • Traditional techniques
  • Symbolic

Dimensions: 9cm H:24cm

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