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Hand-Forged 4-Piece Cutlery Set with Copper Tips

Ian Snow Ltd

SKU: KT042

Hand-Forged 4-Piece Cutlery Set with Copper Tips is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Cutlery that we use every day needs to be hard-wearing and tends to be relatively run-of -the-mill in appearance. Not only is this set hard-wearing, it is also hand-forged,  practical and looks stunning. It is beautiful enough to save for best or can be used daily. It will feel like you are having a banquet every day!

Supplier Info: This item is manufactured by a company in Moradabad, India that employs sixty men and women. Just over half of these work in the factory and the rest work from home. Employees are provided with loans if necessary. Each item is individually handcrafted by a master blacksmith using the same traditional techniques used in ancient times. They celebrate Indian Independence Day and Indian Republic Day at work and hope to grow their business in the future with an environmentally-friendly infrastructure. They are proud to be reviving the art of blacksmithing which was thought to have become a lost art.




Why we love this product!

  • Hand-forged
  • Fair Trade
  • A contemporary product, traditionally made
  • Beautiful enough for best
  • Hardy enough for everyday use
  • Hand-wash only 


Dimensions: Longest: 22cm Shortest: 16cm

NB: Please note that this set contains four pieces - one tea spoon, one dessert spoon, one fork and one knife.