Hand Screen-Printed Quilt in Mustard/Grey

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Product Description

The method of screen-printing by hand makes for a lovely ‘skew-whiff’ artisanal effect where the colouring in sometimes doesn’t quite match the outline. It’s a subtle effect, but a wonderful one that is often deliberately recreated by machine in typography and illustration and is used to great effect here. The actual design of this quilt is like decorative tiles in a colour scheme of mustard and grey and the reverse echoes the border print stripe that surrounds the outside edge on the front. It has a hand-quilted diamond pattern in the middle section and then the quilting follows the stripes of the pattern around the edge to the border. When draped at the end of a bed on top of a plain duvet cover and the top folded back slightly to expose both patterns, the look of stylish nonchalance is easily achieved.

Supplier Info: The manufacturer who supplies us with this item has a medium-sized factory supporting nearly two hundred workers. Employees receive statutory wages, but also bonuses and gratuity pay for their families. This company supports and donates to JAGRUTI, a charitable trust set up by Jains, to help with natural disasters, such as drought and cyclones. They send food, clothes, medicine, household items and money. They also have permanent medical camps set up to aid people specifically with heart disease, cancer and eye problems. This Jaipur-based business has been supplying us with products for many years and Ian regularly visits the factory.


Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • Screen-printed by hand
  • Double sided
  • Effortless style


Dimensions: 210 x 230cm

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