Gypsy Patchwork and Embroidered Throw - 05

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Product Description

If you are a dab hand with a needle and love unusual and unique drapery, you can’t go far wrong with our beautiful range of vintage embroideries from Central Asia. For the basis of unique clothing, wall hangings, throws, window dressings or simple cushions, check out the variety and uniqueness of this original collection. Each one is different in size, colour and design. This region has for centuries produced exquisite regional art works, including rugs, pottery and embroidery. Such embroidery is an integral part of daily life and is rich, sumptuous and amazingly diverse. Each tells a story and takes a regional artisan medium into relevant and modern design for everyday use. Suzanis were traditionally made by brides as part of their dowry, and were presented to the groom on the wedding day. These hand-embroidered vintage suzanis are infused with character as rich as their colours and as intricate as their designs. This grouping of suzanis are made up of vibrant and eclectic patchwork designs and gorgeous hand-embroidery. A huge amount of time and effort goes in to making these beautiful, decorative and sort after pieces of art. Smaller pieces can make cushion fronts, or patchwork several together for a throw that will have guests drooling with envy.


Please note that these are vintage pieces and some may be a little tatty around the edges, but each one oozes character, individuality and history.


Why we love this product! 

• Handmade

• Fairtrade

• Vintage and unique

• A vibrant and diverse colour scheme

• Rich and beautiful bohemia at your fingertips

Dimensions: W:133cm x H:123cm

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