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Green/Multi Coloured Knitted Hat with Pom Poms

Ian Snow Ltd


Green/Multi Coloured Knitted Hat with Pom Poms

100% wool

These hats are sized very small, to fit approximately 50 cm hat size or smaller. 

Supplier Info:

This supplier employs 51 staff for administration and 373 workers on piecework - 96% of their workforce is female. All employees have health insurance. All felt articles come from traditional
techniques, and still today people from the village area wear felt dresses, boots and blankets for daily use.
They use 100% sheep wool, cotton lining for bags and about 3% of wool they recycle again. They get lots of small wastage, then they treat again and make felt. They also use solar power.
They donate money to the local community & are providing the funds for 3 children to go to school.
When the business started in 1996, they invested $150 and had 3 employees, now their turnover is $8.2m per year and they employ almost 450 people.