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Goloka - Nag Champa Incense Cones

Ian Snow Ltd

SKU: II222

Goloka - Nag Champa Incense Cones - Box of 10 cones with stand

This box contains ten hand-moulded dhoop cones and comes with a free mini stand. They are handmade from pure incense and resin, as opposed to incense sticks that are hand-rolled onto a bamboo stick, so burn almost completely away leaving just a tiny remnant of the base. Very little is wasted.


Maker Profile:

These high quality traditional incense cones from Goloka are crafted by artisans who individually hand-make them using natural, organic and, wherever possible, sustainable materials by a large scale manufacturer that was founded in 1964. They employ approximately seven hundred people, all of whom work in the factory and their employees receive benefits as well as salaries. There is no child labour and all of the profits raised from the sale of these incense cones aids many and varying charities, including a free lunch scheme for nearly two million street children, and the promotion of organic farming by training farmers on bio dynamic farming and the preservation of indian breeds of cows and bulls. Incense made by hand is superior in that the naturally preserved fragrances last considerably longer. The right quantity of quality ingredients ensures that they burn correctly and the hand-moulding process keeps the energies of the ingredients intact (similar to steamed vegetables rather than boiled), so the energies are also released on burning. These unique blends are made according to ancient recipes that mingle together in harmony and linger for hours after burning, perfect for prayer and meditation, or simply for creating a beautiful aromatic ambience that touches the soul, body and mind. Nag Champa is a well-recognised and popular aroma that sets the standard by which other scents are judged. It is a blend of several rich herbs, aromatic roots and spices including sandalwood and halmaddi; a resin native to the Indian subcontinent, that binds the mixture together naturally. Nag Champa aids in relaxation, creates a calming ambience, is an aphrodisiac and has many health benefits.   


Why we love this product!   

  • Handmade 
  • Fairtrade and charitable   
  • 100% Natural   
  • Sustainable 
  • Calming     
  • Ten cones and a mini stand included