Gold Foil and Natural Round Jute Rug

SKU: RG121
Product Description

This perfectly circular rug is a contrast of natural jute with a sumptuous swirl of bold gold around the outside. It radiates style and a golden warmth that is strong, simple and gorgeous. It is handmade at a small factory in Noida, India where between fifty and seventy people are employed doing various jobs, from accounting, merchandising, designing, production, cutting, stitching, finishing and packing - all are involved in the production process. Apart from their statutory wages, workers celebrate Diwali together, where sweets are distributed along with gifts and bonuses for all employees. The supplier says “We have very good staff who are dedicated to the work and give their best at all times.” It is an uncomplicated design involving the traditional technique of handloom weaving brought bang up to date with a screen-printed swathe of gold. It will add superchic grandeur to any room.


Why we love this product!

  • Handcrafted
  • Fairtrade
  • Screen-printed by hand
  • Natural opulence
  • Superchic grandeur

Diameter: 150cm

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