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Glass and Brass Mirror Backed Wall Shelf

Ian Snow Ltd

SKU: MR158

Glass and brass multi-compartment mirror backed wall shelf

Measurements - W:30cm D:10.5cm H:50.5cm


Maker Profile:

This item is manufactured by a medium size business based in Moradabad, Northern India. More than 200 people are involved, with 120 people working in the factory, 80 at home & a further 30 being sub-contractors. The business works like a massive family, with employees & owners sharing happiness & sorrow & employees are supported financially thru personal problems such as health & accidents, & also for the education & marriages of employees children. Loans are not required to be fully repaid, with 30% of any employee loan written-off. The owners feel that the most important thing they can do is to support their staff as human beings. The products are mainly made by hand, with a small amount of machine input where necessary. Traditional skills are employed & passed down the generations with families totally dependant on their skill & art to earn a living. It is in their blood. Every festival is celebrated at work & the company is closely connected with their local community. They have eco measures such as harvesting rain-water & solar systems, & they constantly strive to improve the working environment for their staff. The owners feel very proud because they are able to provide work to their staff.