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Frankincense Incense Resin

Ian Snow Ltd


Frankincense Incense Resin

Incense in it's traditional form.

This selection of incense resin are beautifully packaged in convenient glass jars. Each jar of resin contains approximately 40 grams of incense

  • Incense Resins must be used charcoal

How to Use

Charcoal & resin must be burnt on a meshed dish, so air can travel from underneath, there must also be a base to the dish to catch the ash. 

1) Use the tongs to light the charcoal and wait for the flame to go out and stop smoking.

2) Add some resin to the top of the charcoal tab using the spoon

3) It will melt and let off a beautiful aroma


Maker Profile:

Employs: 23

Percentage paid statutory wage: 100%

Ratio working in factory/home: 100/0

✓ Paid Holiday

✓ Workers receive other benefits: Loans

✓ Right to join trade unions and bargain collectively

✓ Freedom to raise concerns

✓ Health and Safety Compliant

✓ No Child or forced labour

✓ No discrimination in the workplace

✓ Women receive equal pay for equal work

Supports: We support a local orphanage and have experienced first-hand our female staff suffering from domestic abuse. We provide support and assistance changing their environment and circumstance.

The use of harmful chemicals: None. All of our incense are made from scratch using plant-based ingredients. All employees are provided with aprons and dust masks.

Environmental: We recycle

We are committed to producing products that are natural, plant based and designed to help our retailers grow their business.