Fluffy Hedgehog Decoration

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Product Description

This gorgeous little hedgehog is artisan-crafted and perfect for Christmas as a lovely gift or cute decoration. The supplier who makes these beautiful felted animal decorations runs a small operation in Kyrgyzstan that employs thirty-five women who are mostly retired housewives and women with large families. The products are handmade and this is done by pressing wool that is felted using water and soap. After this procedure the felt material is dried in the sun, and then later cut, sewn and embellished. This is a first for Ian Snow having never traded with anyone in this area before. Employment can be very hard to come by and these jobs are welcomed as they help to supplement the families' income by enabling employees to work at home so that they can earn and still tend to their families. Felting is traditional in Kyrgyzstan and some of the population still live in yurts and in the summer months follow their grazing cattle. The supplier says "our team works well respecting deadlines, being open to new ideas and initiatives”. Hang on a tree or painted branch, create a snowy woodland scene or give as a lovely gift. How can you resist?

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fairtrade
  • Artisan-crafted
  • A lovely hand-embroidered detail
  • A happy little festive keepsake for you or a friend

Dimensions: H:7.5cm W:5cm

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