Felt Tie Dye Leaf Brooch

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Fall in love. Autumnal colours are not just for autumn, they are an all year round wardrobe staple, but when this colourful and beautiful season hits town and our surroundings are ablaze with colour, it is the moment they shine. These endearing felt leaf brooches in the aforementioned colour scheme, are entirely handmade and natural and the embodiment of 'autumn wear'. The production of this item is a perfect example of how the company is helping to preserve traditions, lifestyles and skills that have survived for centuries, but are under threat from cheap labour and mass-production elsewhere. The supplier employs around four hundred men and women, who, in addition to statutory wages, receive bonuses, medical allowances, insurance, Provident Funding towards retirement and maternity allowance. They also provide scholarships to see some children through school. In Nepal it's very difficult to find work as an uneducated woman, but as the felt products are accessible, and a relatively simple process, many under-privileged women are being given the chance to earn through this scheme, improving their living standards and empowering them to make life changes. The felt is made entirely by hand by shaping the raw wool with soap, water and hand pressure. No chemicals are used during this process. They say 'We are very proud that our business is helping to develop Nepal.' It's a beautiful gift or accessory for any time of the year.

Why we love this product!

Natural, no chemicals
Empowering people to help themselves
A beautiful and simple gift available in three autumnal colours

Dimensions: W:7.5cm H:7cm

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