Embroidered Duffle Bag with Shells & Pompoms

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This is a most exquisite handmade duffle bag that is machine-embroidered initially and then finished by hand with cowrie shells, embroidered mirrors and beads. It is eye candy on a cotton strap! The company that makes this exquisite item specialises in beading, the natural dyeing of materials, weaving and embroidery, and amongst other things, produces evening bags, photo albums, jewellery boxes and mirror pouches. They employ more than one hundred and fifty people at their spacious premises, and provide employment opportunities for a further thousand families in the process. All employees receive Provident Funding towards retirement, employee insurance and paid maternity leave. The company has adopted four children and pays for their education and up-bringing. Their main aim as a company is to preserve centuries old traditions of hand embroidery techniques such as Zardozi, Aari,  Kutch, Lucknowi and Kantha. Kantha, as an example, in Sanskrit literally means rags, the technique evolved out of a necessity to drape or protect against the cold. When precious silks and muslins wore out, instead of throwing them away, the women piled them in layers and stitched them together. It is recycling brought out of necessity and into an artform. This particular bag has a drawstring opening and black cotton lining with a useful inner pocket. The black trim at the rim, the soft sliding toggle to keep the bag closed and the base are synthetic for added robustness. The embroidery is intricate and engulfs the whole of the outside of the bag, and it is finished with two large, floppy and playful pompoms. 

Why we love this product!

  • Fairtrade
  • Handmade
  • Helps to sustain traditional techniques
  • Beautiful embroidery
  • Eye candy

Dimensions: Diameter: 18cm H:24 bag / 90cm inc. shoulder strap

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