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Elephant Wooden Ski Incense Holder with Brass Inlay

Ian Snow Ltd


Elephant Wooden Ski Incense Holder with Brass Inlay is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Elephant Wooden Ski Incense Holder with Brass Inlay

Measurements - W:25.5cm D:3.5cm H:1cm


Maker Profile:

Employs: 9 people

Percentage paid statutory wage: 100%

Ratio working in factory/home: 100/0

✓ Paid Holiday

✓ Workers receive other benefits: Loan provisions exist for family, wedding, birth, death, education and medical reasons.

✓ Right to join trade unions and bargain collectively

✓ Freedom to raise concerns

✓ Health and Safety Compliant

✓ No Child or forced labour

✓ No discrimination in the workplace

✓ Women receive equal pay for equal work

Supports: Local charities – we offer financial help and donations to orphanages and disabled people in the community.

The use of harmful chemicals: None

Environmentally: Making efforts to move to paper less work environment, recyclable material for printing and packaging.