Elephant Print Cotton Voile Quilt

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Product Description

This soft and snuggly voile quilt is made from 100% cotton, is hand-screen printed with a sanganeri-inspired pattern on the topside and is plain blue on the underside. The traditional Indian pattern is in matching blues and greens, and the hand-quilting is perfectly circular and bordered by a square. The supplier who hand-makes these lovely soft quilts employs two hundred and twenty-seven men and women, just over half of whom work in the factory and the rest are sub-contractors. Employees receive benefits such as Provident Funding, insurance, bonus, gratuity and annual leave. Many traditional handmade techniques are used such as block printing, screen printing, quilting, embroidery, bead and appliqué work. They have a water harvesting system in place and as a company, they are proud of their quality and design uniqueness. Accessorise with these floor cushions (CC803/4/5), fun hanging totas (TB011/029B) and colourful glass lantern (LT201) for a completely sanganeri-inspired boudoir, or have on its own for a touch of the Eastern magic.

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Hand-printed
  • Fairtrade
  • Soft and 100% cotton
  • Traditional design

Dimensions: 250 x 250cm

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