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Earth Colours Sanganeri Throw

Ian Snow Ltd

SKU: A-TW152

Earth Colours Sanganeri Throw

Made using natural dyes, this throw is earthy in colour and design. It’s made completely free from plastic or chemicals. Share the love around your home with our feelgood and versatile throw.

Free from plastic

Natural dyes


100% cotton

Chemical free

Measurements: 210cm x 260cm

Who makes it?

We’ve worked with this small, adaptive and forward-thinking company in Jaipur for over thirty years, and we love the fact that the welfare of their workforce is top of their priorities. Women receive equal pay amongst many other benefits, including holiday pay, and the thirty members of staff enjoy a relaxed environment with a freedom to raise any concerns.

Maker Profile:

Employs: 30

Percentage paid statutory wage: 100%

Ratio working in factory/home: 100/0

✓ Paid Holiday

✓ Health Insurance

✓ Workers receive other benefits

✓ Freedom to raise concerns

✓ Health and Safety Compliant

✓ No Child or forced labour

✓ No discrimination in the workplace

✓ Women receive equal pay for equal work

The use of harmful chemicals: None. We use natural dyes like Indigo and Kashish

Environmentally: Planting trees and water harvesting