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Deep Purple Heavy Woven Throw

Ian Snow Ltd

£12.00 Regular price £24.00

This large and versatile throw with a heavy weave and fine white stripe is the perfect way to brighten and update a room, bed or sofa. Stylishly fold or drape this generous throw over the back of the sofa in readiness for the colder months in order to snuggle under it. It’s big enough for two.

Measurements - 240cm x 240cm


Maker Profile: 

The company who makes this particular product employs two hundred people, all of whom receive a pecuniary incentive for extra education in addition to their statutory salary. The business supports a charity called Mother Teresa and encourages an extended family type ethos by supporting each other through any situation, always giving moral and financial support and basically treating their employees with respect and kindness. Future plans include opening a school for their employees’ children, buying a bus to help factory workers travel to and from their homes and providing a free meal to all staff. The company also recycles their factory waste.



Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Generous size
  • Great for an instant update or snuggle
  • Available in six different colours