Cotton Panama Weave Rug

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Product Description

What’s blue and multicoloured  all over? This gorgeous little rug. From a distance, blue is the main hue of the handwoven cotton weft, but upon closer inspection the warp thread is a pastel rainbow that creates a beautiful patchwork of multicoloured squares. Available in two sizes, the smaller size (RG015A) is perfect for bathrooms or hallways for adding a splash of warmth and the larger size fits absolutely anywhere else. This supplier believes in quality and trust and employs one hundred and twenty-five people. Fifteen of whom work in the factory for inspection, finishing and packing and the rest are weavers who weave the rugs in their own homes, as is tradition. Both men and women are employed and most of the rugs are woven using recycled cotton rags collected and sometimes enhanced with the addition of natural hand-spun jute. All employees receive statutory wages, bonuses and gifts for the Diwali festival. In the local community they run a primary school which provides free education for children. This rug is durable enough for floor covering, but also soft and colourful enough for use as a throw. Note: the smaller version fits perfectly when folded in half on the seat of our fantastic bright rattan chairs (FT228A/B) with the gorgeous palette of tassels in pinks, browns, oranges, turquoise and mustard, hanging to the front. Love it!

Why we love this product!

  • Handwoven
  • Fairtrade
  • Gorgeous soft palette
  • Use as a rug or throw
  • Available in two sizes

Medium: 90 x 150cm

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